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Join me in my quest for more fitness outdoors

Being outdoors during the day has so many benefits. 

Research* has proved that being outdoors boosts our mental well-being and gives our bodies much needed exposure to sunlight - even on a cloudy day. Combine the outdoors with exercise and we're in for a winner!

*If you're interested in the research that backs this up check out the links at the bottom of the page.

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Beach Pilates will run during the warmer months. Located at Cullercoats Bay. Classes will be dynamic and flowing and I will keep you moving and warm throughout.
We meet at the South end of the beach (to the right side as you look at the sea).

£8 for 1 or £28 for 4 classes - payable in advance

  • Classes are kept small so booking is essential

  • Classes are mixed level however previous experience of Pilates would be beneficial. I offer optional challenges throughout so you can work at your own pace

  • You will need a mat

NB - you will be notified on the morning before a class if it is cancelled due to bad weather.


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