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What to wear when training outside

I have changed the way I workout this past year and what I have realised is that I love to exercise outdoors. An important part of this is knowing what to wear to make your workout more comfortable. 
So I bring you a bit of a fashion edit, based on my own experience of what works for me.

Image by Malvestida Magazine


Printed Leggings


For me, having a good, supportive pair of trainers is the most important fitness gear you need for outdoor training. Going somewhere like Start Fitness where they fit your shoes is great if you need some help as they can offer good advice. I'm very fond of Asics; they fit really well which is rare for me and my seemingly awkward shaped feet. For a decent pair expect to pay around £70 - £100 but it is a worthwhile investment. Replace them once they start to wear out at impact points like heels or big toes.

I first started running in the most basic joggers I had and to be honest they were fine at the time as I didn't run as much. I have more recently refined my running gear and I do like the comfort of my extra supportive and stretchy leggings. This time of year I like slightly thicker ones. I adore the power leggings from Sweaty Betty, they have some lovely designs and I love the pocket for my phone and extra zip pocket for my key. They can be quite costly at around £75 (Tip: get them up to half price in the sales at least bi-yearly).

Hooded Jumper


Sports Bra Green


During early Spring it can be quite cold so I am still wearing a long sleeved top. I like layers so I have a very basic fleeced hoody that I wear over this, which often ends up tied around my waist on warmer days. The key is having stretchy, breathable fabric that doesn't itch and annoy you as you sweat. I find that H&M have a great range of sports tops and very affordable.

For women a good sports bra is essential; whether you need high support for running, medium for a less impactful workout, or light for more gentle movements in Pilates and Yoga. You can get ones with adjustable straps that are more bra-like or others that pull over your head. I'm not fond of the zip at the front type as they can break. Try Sweaty Betty for offers like 2 for £60 on medium support Stamina bras. Or for a bargain Matalan has a wide range.

Pink Ski Jacket


Sport Essentials


An outer layer can come in handy during early Spring, when it's still fairly cool and a chilly wind can make itself known at any point. So a wind or waterproof jacket, perhaps with a hood, is a great addition. Something lightweight that could be tied around your waist if it ends up being warmer than you thought. I always prefer an extra layer that I have to remove rather than being too cold (yes, I even get cold on a run). And pockets for me, obviously. If I can carry a packet of tissues for the nose that runs more frequently than me, even better! Jackets can be quite pricey but I always find a bargain at Sports Direct.

There are a range of fitness accessories that you may find beneficial to add to your workout.

Phone holders that strap to your arm are good if you don't have pockets. Make sure to get a good fit so that it doesn't slip or, worse, feels too tight. Waterproof is good if you don't let the rain stop you from keeping fit! I still use a headband to protect my ears though can be good in warmer months to stop the sweat leaking onto your face. You may also like to use a tracker to monitor your progress and heart-rate. I have had a Fit-Bit for 3 years and love the information it gives you - I actually changed my running technique based on this. There are many interesting new features available such as heart rate variability (HRV) and oxygen saturation (SpO2) - fascinating if you're a data fan like me! Amazon often have good deals on Fit-Bits in the sales.

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