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My name is Piera and I am a small business owner who built my own website a few years back and actually quite enjoyed the experience. Bringing in web design knowledge from a previous role at Newcastle University, I have since developed an interest in creating websites for the individual that reflect their vision and personality. 

As a business owner working on my own I understand the expanse of skills we are expected to have, ranging from social media and comms expert to administrative specialist - we end up having to become a one-person-band and this can take away valuable time from our business.

Who I can help

I cater for owners of very small businesses, typically working solo, as I feel it is so important for small organisations competing with the big companies to try to stand out. 

How I can help

Building your own good quality website can be a frustrating and very time-consuming process and my aim is to alleviate this for you so that you can crack on with running the essential elements of your business.

With a good, clear design you will likely draw more people towards your business which will in turn attract more people towards you.

My Vision

To work together to create a reasonably priced website that is unique and personal to you. Let's show just how exceptional our small businesses really are.

How it Works

Here is an overview of  the process, however a full breakdown of this will be provided at the initial consultation.

My experience as a Wix Editor means that we will use Wix Web Builder - please check them out prior to getting in touch with me. You will need to host your website so please be aware that there will be a monthly or annual cost for this.


Get in touch

Contact me via my website form. This will be used prior to our consultation to assess timescales and cost. It is designed to give me an insight into your business.


Initial Consultation

This is where we go through your website form and we will drill down into more details here. We will map out the site pages on large sheets of paper - the old school way and my preferred way of visualising your site. We will also look at template options and will discuss what 'feel' you want for your site,.

We will talk about the website cost options and this is where you will decide if this is something you would like to proceed with. This generally takes around one hour.

I will require a £50 payment 48 hours prior to the meeting, which will be deducted from your total amount should you choose to go ahead. 


Basic Templates Produced

This is where the fun starts and we each have our roles. I will create the initial templates for your pages to shape your site and you will provide the content, images and any logos, brands or styles that you would like to be incorporated into it.,


Check Ins

There will generally be two occassions when we will need to chat about the developing site and these will be at our 'check ins'. At the first one we will agree on things like page layouts and you will give me your first thoughts and feedback and I will go away and work my magic. At the final check we will look at any amendments and other changes. I also check general usability of your site which is a test of how customers will actually use and interact with your site (which is actually a whole seperate job role!).

At this point I will require 50% payment of the total cost agreed.


Run Through

This is the final stage where we will run through the website and discuss any on-going maintenance needs you might have. 

Remainder of payment to be made here.

Examples of my work
Beautiful Landscape

Healing Trauma

A website for a Clinical Psychologist providing Trauma therapy


Fitness Sessions

A website for a Pilates Instructor offering classes and private sessions

Organized Desk

What I Don't Do

  • Create content, including wording and images

  • Edit text and check for errors in content

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) - helping users find your site when searching online. I don't do this directly but there may be aspects of your site that attract users organically

  • Provide website guidance notes

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